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Welcome to the page of the mesmerizing string quartet with jazz clarinet! This extraordinary ensemble as a part of the Brussels Muzieque platform, features the clarinetist Anton Jakimenko, who brings his unique sound expression developed through a combination of Western music language, Slavic folklore, and Eastern traditions. Anton was born in Uzbekistan with Ukrainian roots, and arrived as a refugee in the Netherlands as a child. He combines both classical and jazz backgrounds, resulting in a truly captivating and dynamic musical experience.

Joining Anton on stage are four exceptional musicians who have each made a name for themselves in the classical and jazz music worlds. Multiple award winner jazz violinist Oene van Geel from the Netherlands brings his own unique style and approach to jazz music, while Sarah Oates, concertmaster of the Ballet Orchestra Amsterdam, Misako Akada, Concertmaster of the Belgian National Orchestra, and Eduardo Tonietto, solo cello of the Flemish Chamber Orchestra, each contribute their own exceptional skill and experience to the ensemble.

Together with Oene van Geel, the quartet creates a stunning and dynamic performance, blending the richness and elegance of classical string music with the rhythmic and melodic complexity of jazz. The quartet's repertoire includes a diverse range of pieces, from traditional swing pieces to modern and contemporary jazz compositions.

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