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Anton Jakimenko

Anton Jakimenko (1990) was born in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) from Ukranian origin. As an ancient culture, Uzbekistan has a large variety of music styles and musical instruments and absorbed many cultures around the world throughout the centuries. Being surrounded by all kinds of music, through his parents Anton decided to take the path and dedicate his life to music. From a young age Anton started studying classical music on the piano with the help of his mother, who was a violinist, and very soon started to perform for audiences.


Because of the musical background of his parents Anton was surrounded by music and with the care of his parents progressed quickly. From the age of 10 Anton and his parents had to leave Uzbekistan and they came to the Netherlands where Anton could continue to develop his musical talents. In the Netherlands Anton switched to the clarinet and started to have lessons from his father who also was a clarinetist. In his new country, he got the chance to develop his music talents and in 2003 he was admitted to the Youth Talent Class at the Prince Claus Conservatory where he was taught by the clarinettist Reinier Hogerheijde.


In 2004 Anton won the first prize at the Prinses Christina Concours, giving later solo concerts with the Noord Nederlands Orkest. He followed masterclasses with classical clarinet players like Martin Fröst, Karl Leister, Charles Neidich, Julien Hervé, Pierre Lafay. Eventually  Anton became interested in improvisation and began to study jazz, being admitted in 2016 to the master program of jazz clarinet at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with the teacher Joris Roelofs, Simon Rigter, Jasper Blom and David Kweksilber. In this institution, Anton followed masterclasses from Bob Mintzer, Dick Oatts, Yuri Honing, John Clayton and John Riley. At this moment Anton is currently active as a multi-instrumentalist and plays with Asko-Schönberg, Marmoucha Orchestra, Edson Ensemble, Chamber Jazz ConsortPlugged LiveShows, Mike del Ferro and Oene van Geel.


'Divertimento' by Torrie Zito, arr. by Oene Van Geel

Kristina Kovalyova Quintet - Ukrainian folksongs (live @Cobra Museum 2022)

'Blood Count' by Billy Strayhorn, arr. by Oene Van Geel

'Nights Lights' by Anton Jakimenko, arr. by Oene Van Geel

'Raindrops', by Sungtaek Choo 


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